eBook: Nullification Objections, Answering the Opposition

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by Mike Maharrey & Michael Boldin

60 power-packed pages of information, this handbook will serve as your guide. From moral and historical objections, to statements from James Madison himself, Maharrey and Boldin give you the tools you need to refute the most common objections to nullification.

Nullification is logically, constitutionally and morally the rightful remedy. But there are those who don’t like the idea of the People asserting their legitimate power through their states, or even their local communities.

Opponents come from the political left, the political right and even from the so-called moderates. Some simply believe in the supremacy of the national government and want the opportunity to operate the levers of power to their own end. Some don’t like nullification because it throws a monkey-wrench in their efforts to advance their particular agenda – from environmental activism, to universal health care, to fighting “terrorists.” And some fight against nullification because they mistakenly believe it is rooted in the immorality of slavery and racism.

In this handbook, we take an in-depth look at some of the most prominent objections to nullification and how to counter them. Along the way, you will see that nullification stands as a legitimate course of action from a historical, philosophical and moral standpoint. You will see that some of the historical assertions made by opponents are simply incorrect, and you will see the logical inconsistencies in many of their arguments.

eBook: 60 pages
Publisher: Tenth Amendment Center (November 18, 2013)

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